Inn of Twin Gables Bed and Breakfast
3258 14th Avenue West
Seattle, WA, 98119, USA
(206) 284-3979

Arts & Crafts

The Arts & Crafts Movement began in the mid 19th-century in response to the excessive Victoria Age. It is a functional style of architecture and decor. In an era of high technology, the unique and painstaking handcraftsmanship exhibited by this movement demonstrates design and construction principles respectful of nature which acknowledge the continued significance of pride and human spirit in the art of building. The American movement drew inspiration from the materials, choosing to highlight the grain of the wood or the form of the pot. It called on individual craftsman to replicate basic designs, allowing them to produce more pieces at a lower cost. This made the furniture, pottery and metalwork affordable and therefore available to "the people".

The Arts & Crafts Movement in the United States came out of the decorative styles and philosophies of several countries, including England, Scotland and Austria and culminated in the U.S. between 1900-1910. The Arts & Crafts philosophy summons artists, architects and craftsmen back to a doctrine of honesty in purpose, materials and manufacture. Its recognition of aesthetic value enshrined in objects of material with well-wrought functional art to be sat upon, eaten off of, to hang clothes in, to arrange flowers in, ultimately to inhabit was socially responsible.

The Inn of Twin Gables is a classic Arts & Crafts home with original interior woodwork, boxed-beam ceilings and old world fir floors. Built during the Arts & Crafts Movement in 1915 by Scandinavian sea captain and shipwright, A.S. Nilson. TheInn of Twin Gables has original Western Hemlock interior woodwork.

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