Enjoy a sumptuous hot gourmet breakfast in our formal dining room at 8:30 every morning. A typical breakfast includes choice of juice and hot beverage, fresh fruit dish and main course. Our specialties are prepared with garden-grown herbs. For special consideration, or if you are unable to join us for breakfast, please let us know the prior day! Before 8:00 am, we can arrange a continental breakfast for you. We always check with our guests and try to accommodate dietary restrictions. Fresh brewed coffee and an assortment of teas is always available.

A Sampling of our Specialties:

Breakfast Souffl├ęs & Frittatas
Eggs Benedict or Florentine
Tortilla Espanola
Savory Crepes
Fresh Herb Omelet
Melon with seasonal herbs
Tarragon Grapefruit
Peach Lavender Crisp
Tropical Fruit Salad with Ginger Splash
Moist Fluffy Scones
Pancakes with fruit, nuts, spices
Stuffed Baked French Toast